Monday, August 28, 2017

Chill 3rd Date

The maybe romance had been whirlwind.  Already on their third date, he said he felt like they should go on a normal one and get dinner and a movie.

They decided on a pizza place next to the theatre and got to talking about his upcoming trip.  His eyes got excited as he talked about it, and how he'd love to take his kids someday.  A little piece of her twinged, knowing that they'd never really end up long hauling it because she was pretty much past child bearing age at this point.

They missed the movie again, and he said he could just take her home or they could go out for a drink.  She said she was down for either one, but sensed he just wanted to go home.  Instead, they stopped at one of her favorite bars to get a drink.

They sat outside and amused themselves by watching the drunk people walking by.  After one drink he said he would take her home.

In the car, he confessed he started not feeling well in the middle of dinner.

"Oh my gosh, why didn't you just tell me so that you could've just taken me home?  I feel bad!"

He grinned shyly and said, "I wanted to spend more time with you."

She blushed.  "You are so cute."

"I'm just gonna stop in the alley way and give you a quick kiss goodnight, is that okay?" He asked.

It was.

Later on she realized it was the last time she'd see him for a couple of weeks.  She got a little sad.

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