Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Voice Your Opinion

It didn't quite bod well that she was already playing hooky from work.  But the boss was out of town, she was the only one in the office, and she could do everything from her phone.  Plus, her sanctuary needed a spa day.

After spending the morning with the bosses computer problems, she left.  She took her car for an oil change and smog check, and ran into her husband who was just finishing up his oil change.  Another unexpected $50 that he'd spent that they didn't have.  They both knew that until he got a job there would be unease.  They currently had $200 to their name after paying off the credit cards.  She desperately didn't want to go into debt.

After her car was finished she headed back towards PJ's neighborhood.  It was around 100 degrees so they took refuge at a local bar and talked. This was the first time they'd talked without much of an agenda, and it consisted mostly of the back and forth of comparing INFJ traits.

He hated texting.  She had noticed and stated how he always said things like "I hope you are having a good day," rather than "How is your day going?" He texted in conversation-enders instead of just having an ease of conversation.  He hated text conversations.  He rated his preference of interaction as face to face first, phone calls second, emails third, and texting dead last.

She had once felt the same way until texting took over and she loved the fact that she had time to respond.  It took a little longer to get across how she said something, but sometimes she felt like she had to do that in person anyway.  At least she knew her words were strong and meaningful, they had intent.  She wasn't babbling over the phone like an idiot.

She smiled at him and said "Maybe I'll shoot you an email sometime then."

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