Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In-between Sober and Drunk, There is Happy

Generous friends came aplenty in the last few days.  A trip to wine country on the "Goldie" tour for around $200 afforded her and the hubby a chance of a lifetime, and they took it.  No one fought on the trip, no one found fault in the music.  It was a small car they had to squeeze into, so small that she was still sore, but it had all been worth it.

When she was a kid, this was what she thought being an adult would feel like.  Opportunities to take off on a minutes notice for a once in a lifetime event.  Reserve wines, private tastings, patios in the sun that was hot but not too hot.  Gondola rides and learning about the three sip rule.  Learning new phrases like "revisiting" and who Georges De Latour is.  Getting $100 bottles of wine for $10.  This was some major adulting.

As far fetched as it was, this is who she wanted to be.  She wanted to be the person who could make this her reality instead of her once in a lifetime experience.  She wished that she could get a job that would allow her to take more of these trips in the monetary sense.  She wished her public blog was more popular, got more hits, made her any money at all.  This was the life she should be living.

Her reality wasn't so bad in the end, with pockets of happy like this.

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