Sunday, August 2, 2015

Curtain Call

He had asked if she'd like to meet up before the show, she acquiesced and then launched into the death spiral of possibilities  Was it a request for a goodbye?  Was he simply being nice?  Did the talk have impact on him and he saw that he needed to reach out to maintain the friendship?  Maybe it was to end the friendship, maybe she had gotten weird.

It was a simple thank you dinner, his treat, to thank her for her services on the play.  He had played a minor role, and didn't need to thank her for anything.  He was just that kind of guy.  It was another awesome conversation, about how relationships work and how different people react to different things.  She, against better judgement, advised him on how to deal with his new girl.  It didn't feel like an end, and it made her feel a little better about the continuation of their friendship.  However, only time would really tell.

The play went by too fast, there was not enough time for emotional moments.  She hugged everyone before they went onstage, but everyone was tired.  It was the end of their rope, their acting stride long behind them.  The show was anything from perfect, but it was enough.  She had two dirty martinis at the bar to keep the dulled senses going until she had time to properly deal with it.  Having another play lined up helped, but she would have some ennui tomorrow.  She had great conversations at the bar, her emotions safely tucked behind the vodka and olive brine.  She thought they would stay awhile, into the night feeling the rest of the out.

She was wrong.

Everyone decided to leave when she was still intoxicated.  No one wanted to stay with her.  She was very careful as she drove home, but the abandonment was what messed with her equilibrium.  Would she always be disappointed in people and their ability to love?

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