Thursday, August 20, 2015

Movie Night

It was bargain movie night, and so far the only people seeing Man from U.N.C.L.E. was herself and PJ.  After the conversation about texting he had started calling her at work, which anywhere else would be something she couldn't really do.  It was a 6 minute conversation that could have been completed in one text.  In fact, it already had, by her last week.  She had suggest the time and the movie and it had been agreed upon.

PJ's girlfriend was coming of course.  PJ had also decided to call the BFF and ask her if she was coming.  Turns out she did reschedule with her other friends and was also coming.  Looks like her almost-going-by-herself-movie got really busy.

She needed some organized friends.

It all came together however.  The BFF came to eat tacos with her, and the movie was amazing.  Everything came together beautifully; hitting the nostalgia but not too hard, acting, costumes, humor, everything was glorious.  She marked the soundtrack to listen to on Spotify later.

Even though she had a good time, she was tired by the end of the night.  PJ had insisted on watching from the back of the front-most rows.  Her peripherals still hurt for hours afterwards.  She would have to take the husband to see it once it went to the cheap theaters.  Even the thought of that now exhausted her, all she wanted was some alone time.  She wasn't going to initiate any outings for awhile.

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