Thursday, August 13, 2015


She knew they didn't do it on purpose.  It's why it didn't hurt as much as it usually did, being left out.  Their discount movie day had turned into a weekly thing, and it was amazing how two people she loved very much could drain her so quickly when they were all together.  Alone with each of them it was more quiet, easier.  Together they got so extroverted that her batteries were drained like a two year old iphone.

She was almost relieved when she had to shut down their bar dance party to go home early because her mother was freaking out.  She drove him home and they only really had time to talk about her new favorite song, "Home."  She didn't tell him the whole story, just that she found it a few weeks ago and it made her happy. They talked about the folksy side of pop now and how they liked it.

"I'd love to hear it, would you send it to me?" He asked.  She sent it before leaving his driveway, then started the long a different kind of Home.

She sat in her driveway and checked her text messages.  "I just started it.  I love that song!  I've heard it before, and just didn't recognize the band's name.  Sweet Song!"  and later "I'll have to watch the video again.  Have a good rest of your night Penny!"

It was a little unnerving, they way he always used her name in text messages.  He never said her name verbally, like everyone else.  She rarely even responded to her own name anymore.  Maybe that contributed to her isolation. 

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