Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Race

Uncharacteristically, she was running late.  There were quite a few slow people on the road, but despite that she was in a good place at the halfway point.  She was going to make it.

As she sped up the hill, she saw a train in the distance just ahead.  One of her favorite parts of her job was hearing the trains pass by several times a day, but she was on the other side of the tracks.  If she didn't beat this train, it was over.  She was going to be late.

Go Big or Go Home started on the radio, and she was filled with a sudden knowledge that she would make it.  She just knew that there were no police around, no one to stop her, so she hit the gas hard, passing all the other cars on the road.  As she cruised past the middle of the extremely long train, the song urged her further.

It was nowhere in sight as she tore around the corner and across the tracks.  The horn sounded, and she was just putting her foot outside her car door when it blew past.  She felt triumphant.

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