Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life and Death in the Wild

She was feeling low enough that she had scheduled a cry in her commute back into the city.  She preset a tissue so her eyesight wouldn't be blurry for the drive.  This was her life now.  Breaking down in-between human interactions.  If it wasn't his birthday she would have just gone home, had some ramen, and gone to bed.

As she turned the corner to get back to the freeway, her breath caught in her throat as she saw a beautiful deer on her side of the road.  Since the road was almost always barren, she immediately pulled to a stop on the road to get a photo.  As she was fumbling for her phone, a baby jumped out into the road to follow it's mother.  If she hadn't stopped for a photo, she would have hit that baby.  The gravity of what might have happened made her pause and just enjoy the moment instead of getting a picture.  Then another baby jumped out and also crossed the road to rejoin the family.

Even though she was already running late, she stayed stopped on the road for another minute, anticipating more deer.  She didn't want to be destructive to anyone but herself.

PJ's birthday dinner made her sick, the movie not as funny the second time around.  At one point the BFF asked her if she was okay.  She said no.  It wasn't pushed any further.  At the end of the evening the BFF tried to push her into another activity the next day.  The drama played on.

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