Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Naive to the Nth Degree

She'd had her doubts from the beginning with this guy.  He had messaged her back in December and stopped messaging after she'd made mention of her love for sushi.  She figured that raw fish was just one step too far for him and wrote him off.

He popped back in and immediately wanted to meet.  It was a little too fast for her and she told him she was busy the rest of the week.  They talked and the conversation was boring, but at least he spoke in full and complete sentences without any major typos.  He had higher education completed, but was 6 years younger than her.  He sent her a link to his blog about his job, then later sent her a picture from the same blog.  She noted that she had already seen it, and he responded "You actually looked!!  It just made me happy that you care."

He was a little too easy to impress.  He had sent it, she had read it.  It was common courtesy.  She perused it, she didn't actually read through the whole thing.  She had done what she assumed was the bare minimum.  He invited her to a concert he was having with his students, she told him she had to work.  He said he admired her work ethic.  She just worked when they told her too.  He was certainly celebrating mediocrity.

Then his questions started getting a little too personal.  He wanted to know what floor she lived on, where she worked, her last name...all things she wasn't comfortable telling a stranger.  One night he was down the street and wanted to take a walk with her at 11 PM at night.  She made excuses, trying not to hurt his feelings.  He persisted, and she had to shut him down pretty harshly.  Still, he persisted.

As soon as he opened his mouth she realized he was just the most naive person in the world.  His voice was effeminate, but earnest.  He didn't know what Catfishing was.  He had no idea how he was coming off in his texts to her.  "I was just excited to meet you, I didn't think about it being almost midnight!"

In the end, he was a very sweet guy...but she had already raised a boy and wasn't about to start all over again with another one.  She told him they could be just friends.

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