Monday, June 19, 2017


"Holy fucking shit Penny, what were you thinking telling IL about KSL?  She's very much about being free and open and honest, and the holy spirit will move her in a couple of weeks and she'll go straight to your ex and tell him that you were together."

Goldie had been out of town during the last week of the show and she was catching her up.  She almost wish she didn't because she immediately felt nauseated.  Everyone would know.  It would destroy her ex, almost completely.

She flashed forward in her mind to seeing him so completely devastated, and knowing she was the cause of it.  If he ever found out, she would quite literally feel bad enough to end her life.  She could not live in a world where she had hurt him that badly.

She'd deserve it.  She'd deserve everyone hating her and she considered how she would be able to hide from everyone and live, again, without friends.

She felt everything crashing down around her.  She had left Goldie hours before, but she texted her as if they were just continuing the conversation.

"Should I just tell the ex?  The only thing worse than him finding out would be him finding out from someone other than me."  She was still concerned that the whole Improv troupe knew but she didn't dare ask.

"Assume good.  Leave it be and release your worries.  IL won't say anything.  If he learns it from someone else then just be open with him.  Proactively telling him now would only be for your sake, not his.  Protect him.  Anything else would be selfish and cruel.  Blunt enough answer?"

It was the truth, and exactly what she needed to hear.

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