Monday, June 26, 2017

How to Save a Friendship

"You can either love it and live with it, hate it and live with it, or leave it." BFF said.  She had reached out to her and they had an afternoon together, mending their limping relationship.  BFF had started seeing a therapist who had drilled that platitude into her existence.   She wondered if, eventually, BFF was going to say that she was "leaving it" with their friendship.  When they left each other, it seemed better.

Her childhood best friend, Unicorn, had been going through a hard time, so she reached out to her and met up at her house on the other side of town.

Unicorn opened the door and she was shocked at her friend's appearance.  She had gained at least 50 pounds since she'd seen her last.  Her heart went out to her, she was clearly going through a rough time.

After hearing what Unicorn had gone through, she shared her story of the last year.  Unicorn was super supportive and non-judging. Unicorn understood her to the core, and she was beyond glad to have her back in her life.

They exorcised their demons with each other, and it was like nothing terrible had ever happened between them.  They picked up like it was the 6th grade again, although their stories of their lives had...escalated.

She mentioned all of her misadventures in dating.  Unicorn asked her why she felt compelled to date at all, stating if she ever split from her husband, she'd never date again.  She told her that she had already essentially been alone for her whole life, and she felt like it was her time.

" seems you are getting the life you always wanted in high school!"

She started laughing intensely.  Unicorn was right, of course.  In high school she had never dated anyone but always longed to have a high school relationship.  She'd had a small taste of it prom night...before her prom date told her that he had found a girlfriend in-between asking her to prom and the actual night of prom. 

She guessed it was just her time.

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