Friday, June 2, 2017

Gunshots and More

She and Dusky had been working on their project for a couple of hours when he said "I'm burnt out.  Let's make you something to eat and have a bitch session."

It was so nice to be talking again, to converse with Dusky.  She always missed him until she saw him again, he was so awesome to be around.  They talked about life, love, and all the garbage actors they knew and the silly things they did.

He was just getting up to leave at 11 PM when they heard 5 gunshots outside the building.  "You aren't going anywhere" she said to him.

"I'll be fine, I'm parked by the bar right out front.  Literally I'm walking like 10 feet from the building to my car."

She reluctantly let him go.  She heard his elevator door close when she got a phone call from SD.

"Are you home?  Can I come up please?!?!?!"

"Of course!" She opened the door and waiting for her to come up.  SD had seen the whole thing, the gunman shooting into the parking lot...the one right where Dusky's car was parked.

Luckily Dusky called a minute later to say that he had watched the cops run up and tackle the guy, and he was in custody.  She was still holding onto a shaking SD as she answered the call from him.

Now that SD was safe she went to the balcony and looked over at all the cop cars.  Then she figured that the police might need a statement from her, and they should go downstairs to the lobby.

In the lobby she seemed to calmed down quite a bit, finally going back to her own studio feeling a little shook up but fine.

She went up to her own studio and chatted with Banana, the only other one that would be up this late.  Their conversation took an interesting turn and she found herself getting upset by the subject matter.  She knew she needed to stop talking about it and spiraling, so she said goodnight and took a big swig of her hydrocodone.

She was only asleep for 20 minutes before she was awake again at 2 AM.  She picked up her phone as MG sent her a Snapchat of her bruised and battered face.

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