Friday, December 23, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside Part 2

"I have some new stand up that isn't Patton Oswalt!" He exclaimed, then set up his phone.  They listened and snuggled, occasionally stopping the recording to relay their own stories to the topic.  It was nice and comfortable until she started getting cold despite her heat being on.

She grabbed and turned on her electric blanket, and KSL grabbed for half.  They snuggled under the blanket and watched the moon rise, laughing along with the stand up so hard their cheeks started to hurt.  He was being very playful, very physical with her.  He started reaching to boop her nose, and old game they shared.  She resisted, and playfully bit his arm that was holding hers down.

"Hey, no biting, you know what that does to me!" He exclaimed.

"Do I?  What does it do?" She asked innocently.

"Stop it, you know how much that turns me on."  He shot her a sideways smile while still holding down her arms.  She couldn't help pushing her luck.

"I thought that was just your earlobes.  I had no idea it was everywhere!  Is it here too?" She asked, going for his neck.  He protested and they wrestled with each other a little while longer.  He eventually let her go but kept teasing her with his words.

She grabbed his face and started kissing him.  He said in-between kisses "Hey, what are you doing?"

"Shutting you up.  This is the only way I know that works."

There was no hesitation from him.  He jumped into grabbing and biting, commenting "It's winter, no one will see them." Then biting her on her neck.  She yelped and pushed him a little, saying "Watch it, I don't own a turtleneck!"

He smiled devilishly and bit her shoulder.  She responded by biting his neck hard, then giving him a huge raspberry on his stomach. They both laughed and joked as they moved to the bed to continue to fool around.  He kept asking if she was okay, all the while pushing a little farther but keeping his own pants on.  "I'm just respecting this 'No Dick December' thing you've got going."

Eventually she caved.  "Alright, I give up.  Let's have sex.  Go get the condom."

He was hurt, saying "Wow.  Way to make a guy feel special.  I mean, I really am in the mood now that you are begrudgingly having sex with me."

She grabbed his face and started kissing him, again shutting him up.  The rest of their clothes came off easily, and after 3 or 4 positions, they collapsed on the bed, her head on his chest.  They talked some more, laughing about his excessive sweaty-ness on her clean bed.

"Maybe I'm just weird about the sleeping over thing." He said.  "I just feel like sleeping over is making it more serious or something."

"Yeah...well I can't speak for anyone else, but I think sleeping is just sleeping.  And, judging by our issues with sleeping alone...I think it might be helpful to us."

He turned slightly towards her, while still stroking her back lovingly and spoke into her hair "You too?"

"Yeah...I blame this stupid pillow.  A couple of weeks ago I reached out for it, and it felt like Piz's chest.  For a second I couldn't figure out why he wasn't reaching out for me, like he always did, even when he was asleep.  I haven't been able to sleep through the night since."

He remained silent.  She let the silence envelope them, then realized he might be falling asleep.  She raised her head to look at his face.

"KSL?" She whispered.

He mumbled a sleepy "Uh huh?"

"What are you doing?"

"Shhh.  Resting."  He pulled her gently to his side, and slowly he stopped stroking, leaving his fingers resting on the small of her back

Soon he was snoring loudly.

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