Thursday, December 1, 2016


They went back to her studio for more drinks, and again listening to some new Patton Oswalt he had on his phone.  He slowly put his arm around her as they were listening, and she slowly snuggled into his side.

"You want to know something funny?  I wouldn't have thought you were romantically interested in me at all if you had slept over.  It was you sticking your dick in me that did that."  He laughed and said "noted."

"I almost went to your apartment that night after the trip.  I was so stressed out and tired and didn't want to drive all the way home.  I almost knocked on your door and was like 'I don't want your dick, I just want to sleep and be held while doing so.' but I drove home instead.

"That would've been funny actually." He responded.

He flicked her hair off her face, and they looked into each other's eyes and talked, slowly getting closer.  She brushed the stray hairs in his eyebrows and his beard while they talked about trivial things.  He complained about being fat, she rested her head on his stomach and told him that if he got skinny and turned back into that chode in the photos she wouldn't be friends with him anymore.  They continued to snuggle, her face buried in his neck.

She made a small noise and he called her out on it, asking what it meant.  She just really didn't want him to leave, everything was so comfortable.  She never really had this kind of ease with Piz where she could have fallen asleep on him as easily as made out with him.  She knew KSL would be leaving soon, and she wanted to fall asleep in his arms, in the most platonic way possible.

He started kissing her face, closer and closer to her mouth.  She eventually made the leap to kissing on the mouth.  He was cautious, almost shy with his kisses, unlike how he had ever been before.  They made out for awhile with slow intensity before she broke off and said "It's so weird to be doing this like...without feelings."

He made a noise then, almost a sexy kind of disdain, and he leaned her back onto the couch as they continued to make out.  His hands were everywhere, and her loose sweater slipped over one shoulder that he caressed, careful to avoid the other shoulder with her flu shot.

Eventually, when it got a little too heated he said "I think I should go."  She agreed.  They both stood and he put his hat, jacket, and shoes on. She stood for a hug goodbye, with a quick kiss.  They were both still too emotionally charged, and he took her face in his hands as they continued their passionate make out session.  He pulled her up, and she stood on her tip-toes kissing him, reaching behind his head to his neck.  He took his hat off, tossing it on the couch, and then lifted her up to meet him, bridging the almost foot long gap.  He went for her shirt and she immediately put her arms down, stopping the fabric from coming up over her head.

"You're right, you're right...sorry, got carried away."  He said.  She walked him out to the elevators and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving.

"Happy Thanksgiving again," she texted him later, "Even though we are a little dysfunctional, I'm very thankful for you in my life."


Her ex came over a few hours earlier than expected, and they had a nice meal together.  She had to ask him for help on things he should have already been helping with, but when she asked he at least stepped up to the plate.  She thought back to last Christmas when she was exhausted making treats for their friends, and he did the bare minimum and left her to struggle.  She was still doing the right thing in divorcing.

She texted Dawn about her slip up with KSL later that night.  She responded "Color me not at all surprised.  Hahaha.  I love it.  And good for you for sticking to your guns."

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