Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sick Day

She was beginning to wonder if doing anything physical with KSL brought down her immune system so drastically that she became sick.

She had some sort of sickness again.  Strep it wasn't, but her body aches and sore throat were getting out of hand.  Her doctor wasn't available so she again went to Urgent Care.

She got the same doctor as last time, and the doctor was very concerned about her.  "Your uvula is like, touching your right tonsil.  It's that swollen.  It's insane."

"I'm a medical marvel for sure."

The doctor actually did a test this time, for strep, the flu (even though she'd had the shot, it takes 2 weeks to work through the body), and some other illnesses. The test for strep A and the flu came back negative, the rest would need to be sent out.  In the meantime she set her up with another round of antibiotics, and instructions to skip work the next day.

She got her medication and went home, skipping rehearsal that night and the next.  They advanced her a sick day for work.  She slept in the next morning and awoke to stomach troubles associated with getting her period the day before.  Her stomach sounded like a thunderstorm.  Or a volcano about to erupt.

She was in her bathroom for what felt like the whole morning.  She even took a long call from Mo while in the bathroom.  Once the grumbles and the cramps had subsided, she finally stood up and went to flush.  Nothing happened.

She walked out to the hall to look on the door, and there it was; water was to be shut off for the next two hours.  How kind of them to give her advanced notice.

Her stomach started up again, and she went to the main floor to go to the gym bathroom.  She just sat down when there was a knock at the door.  "Maintenance!"

Of course now is when they would clean the bathrooms.  Couldn't think of a better time.

She went back up to her studio and moaned her way through the next two hours, watching tons of movies on HBO.  She really wished she felt better on a sick day so she could get more done.

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