Monday, December 19, 2016


They guy she had been messaging on the dating site previously asked her out for a drink after a long day of talking.  For some reason their earlier chat from before she deleted was gone, so she had to go on her existing chat with him.

They decided to meet at a bar...of course it ended up being the same bar she had visited with Piz and KSL that ended in a make out session.  She deliberately plopped down at the bar, made it clear she wasn't moving, and he came in shortly afterwards.

What followed was a couple of hours of nice conversation, he even made fun of her a little.  About halfway through the date she got a text message from Dawn asking who this guy was.  A mutual friend of theirs had gotten in trouble last week, and she was worried.

It was then that she realized...she didn't remember this guy's name.  At all.  It wasn't on his dating profile that she checked later, and it must have been in the earlier messages that got erased.  Maybe it wasn't.

Maybe he saw her text message and realized that she was a garbage person for not remembering his name.

Maybe that's why 3 days later, without a word, he deleted his online dating profile, and thus any form of communication they had between each other.

She was going to try not to take it personally.

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