Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meathead Matty

A man who could only be described as "beefy" walked into the bar and up to the bartender, who was equally as large, and hugged him right off the ground.  There was clearly lots of bro-love between the two, and it was very funny to watch.

She and her friend laughed at the scene, then went back to their drinks and deep conversation.  They ran into their directors, and then all four of them bellied up to one small table to talk about the play.

A few minutes later the man sat down and introduced himself as Matt.  Her director would later tell her that he "zeroed in" on her, and they begin talking.  Matt "milked" fish part time, and the other half of the time he worked as an RN for a plastic surgeon.  They got a rapport going and things were going great...then he mentioned his fiance.

She did a hard switch back towards him just being friendly, then suddenly she was left alone with him as her friend left and the directors went outside to smoke.  She joined them outside and they laughed greatly at her misfortune.  Why is it always the guys that were taken that ended up being taken with her?  She was over it.

That night she dreamed for the first time in a long time.  She dreamed was out with Matt and he had overtaken her, holding her back from something behind him she needed to see.  He was too large and holding her too tightly.  He suddenly shifted and she could see over his shoulder.  What she saw was KSL staring at her, with her ex just behind him.  She called out to KSL, who stared through her as if she wasn't there.  He wasn't going to help her.  In fact, he turned around and approached her ex, and started to beat him up.  She cried out, screamed and tried to fight against Matty to stop it, but he was too strong and held her tightly.

She awoke with major feelings of guilt, and realized that she couldn't juggle all this emotion much longer.

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