Thursday, November 5, 2015

Write and Wrong

With everything else going on, it was easy to see how she was over-reacting to every situation.  BW had told her that TM had rejected one of her photos for a set up they were doing just because it was hers.  Because she would have wanted to be credited for it.

She was so torn about what do to about TM.  He was young, and not as intelligent as he thought himself to be.  Young was the perfect word for him.  Life had treated him nicely despite his opinion of how downtrodden he thought he was.

He'd been coddled by a lot of people, and for too long.  In doing that he had elevated himself to a place in the community that getting on his bad side was unwise, and she found herself there.  She didn't feel the need to apologize more than she already had in regards to the situation.  She shouldn't have to smooth things over when she was in the right.

She still felt isolated and alone in the community, and felt like this was the nail in her coffin.  Maybe she was never meant to make friends or fit in anywhere.  She was tired and wanted to stop trying.

She thought of Alessia Cara's "Here" as a friend had said it reminded them of her.  The more she listened to it, the more she identified with it.

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