Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snow Covered Moments

She dropped her head onto his shoulder briefly, letting go of her anxiety in that few seconds. They were in the darkened theatre waiting for the BFF to come back and the Apple Guy movie to start.  She knew without speaking that he would understand she just needed a moment of quiet, and he did.  He let her breathe into the moment, and in the silence let her know he was there with her.  It was only once she raised her head that he asked her how everything was going.  "The same."

She succeeded in not letting herself rest on him again that night.  He'd given her enough in that little moment to move onto her next one.

While driving home she admired the ivory peaks and valleys of the city.  The moon wasn't out, yet the snow covered mountains were still visible in the darkness of the late night. The pinnacles hung at the edges of town like a ghostly fairy tale.

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