Thursday, November 19, 2015

Extra Firm

It had been a rough day.

Her husband had agreed to buying KSL's King size bed to replace their horrible California King.  Ever since moving something was wrong with the bed.  They tried rotating it, but she still felt like she was sleeping in a hole.  Along with everything else going on, not sleeping was not helping her mental state. Her husband didn't really seem to care.

Once she called upon him to get the money for the bed, he found fault in the plan.  They went back and forth about the space or how he would be uncomfortable with a shorter bed.  She ended up contacting KSL and saying that she couldn't take the bed.

She had a moment of crisis after he left.  Was she being too sensitive about the situation, where he didn't care about her comfort, or at least not above his own?  She felt as if she was no longer a priority in his life.  She wondered if it was because she asked for money.  When it was reversed, he wasn't willing to share?  Was this going to end up being the deal breaker?  Would she feel like she was making a mistake if she asked him to leave?  Would he even care?

She still loved him, but she no longer felt any love in return.

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