Friday, November 13, 2015


She had a plan.  Just because she was unemployed did not mean she was at everyone's beck and call.  She wanted to do two loads of laundry, take a quick shower, and meet BW at his coffee shop and see if she could network and look for jobs on her laptop.  If she didn't set up plans like this, she'd never get out of the house and slip further into depression.

When she went to put the first load in the dryer, she found leftover clothes in the dryer her husband had left.  Wrinkled.  It would set her schedule back 30 minutes.  She was annoyed, but threw the dryer on and waited to fluff this unknown third load.  If she didn't get this done during the week, her mother would get angry that they were flooding the septic tank with too much water.

After the husband did some last minute plan canceling on her, she was almost on her way.  Her mother had texted earlier to say that she needed her tires pumped, and would she come over with her pump.  She told her that she could come by three pm but not before.  Then mom passive aggressively said she would take care of it herself.

Right as she was going to get the last load of laundry, her mother called.  She was on her way home and would be there in 3 minutes.  Could she get out the pump and do it now?  Did she have a choice?  Did her time mean nothing to the people around her?

She ended up being an hour late meeting BW.  His coffee shop had the owners hanging around and was extremely busy.  She was sure it would have been fine an hour earlier.  She was so mad on the way that she used some essential oils that were supposed to be used for headaches.  It had an adverse affect much like benadryl and she got sleepy the rest of the day.  She didn't even mind that BW didn't want to hang out but instead drop off some of his own resumes.

She went home, had a swig of tequila and sat at the table to eat her sandwich.  Her husband saw she was still upset and asked if there was anything he could do.

"The laundry." She replied.

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