Friday, November 6, 2015

Beaucoup de la Mort

"How to Spot an INFJ."  It was a photo that PJ sent her out of the blue.  The first bullet point was "Asks if you are okay more times in five minutes than you've ever been asked in your entire life" and the last bullet point was "I know you better than you know yourself."

She was at a pretty deep point in her depression at that point.  She knew that she wasn't understood, appreciated, or respected.  By anyone.  The one who was supposed to love her the most asked her for money.  She tried to reach out to her husband with her pain, and was met with silence.  She was all but accused of bumming him out.  She wanted to just disappear.

She didn't eat because that cost money that she didn't have.  It became a game for her, how long she could go without eating.  A day and a half was her record.  She'd lost three pounds.  So that was a bonus.

PJ once again saved her self esteem, respect, everything.  If he thought she was worthwhile, then maybe it was okay.

She dragged herself to his one act play downtown, and ended up going by herself after BW flaked out.  She stayed afterwards and she and PJ walked down the street to retrieve a stray glove, forgotten before the show.  Fall had gone quickly this year, and they could see their breath as they talked about her problems.  Then they talked about his problems, as the chill crept into her cheeks. It amazed her how he could keep her attention though extreme temperatures.

He mentioned that AB was starting rehearsals for a show soon, so he would have more free time to hang out with her.  She looked forward to it, cold nose and all.

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