Friday, July 6, 2018

The Death of Love

She had quickly discovered that by not helping, actively not taking action...made it even obvious how totally alone she was.

She talked to a friend who was one of those types that were always looking for the ultimate love, and frustrated that it didn't come in bulk at her local corner store.

She couldn't give her false hope or say that there was someone out there for her, because in all honesty...she wasn't quite sure that was true anymore.

Maybe the idea of love is so prominent in movies and shows because it is actually rare.  It's not for everyone.  Just like not everyone is rich, maybe not everyone gets love.

All those people that stick around for years on the dating sites she kept coming back to weren't finding love.  Neither was she.  The more and more she thought about it, it was possible she never actually had it.

She had friends that had found it, she knew it existed.  Maybe it was just luck on their part.

It was getting her down.  She spent an afternoon on the couch, being quiet and decompressing.  She'd had hardly any time to herself and thought that it was possible that her depression was coming from not a lot of alone time.

The depression continued for the next month.  She stopped writing, stopped caring about anything.

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