Friday, July 13, 2018

Facebook Memories

Social Media felt the need to remind her that it had been 2 years since she and her ex had publicly split.  Privately they had been apart for 4 months before that.

Why did it still haunt her every day?  Why did she feel like she'd made a mistake...every day?  Every night before bed, she was painfully reminded that this small bed now belonged to her, and it was not likely anyone would ever join her in it.  She longed for the feeling she had gotten the first time she was with Piz, when even in sleep he had reached out for her.

She and the ex were trying to get back to being friends even though it was still difficult.  One day when they were speaking he said he didn't want to start drama, but Mel had told someone that she had called them a word she didn't use lightly.  She hadn't said it, and her ex believed her, said he knew she wouldn't do something like that.  It was nice that someone still knew her in that way, knew that she was a good person without even having to really check with her.  He said he only brought it up because she deserved to know what was being said behind her back.

Her heart sank as she realized this meant that Mel wasn't keeping his mouth shut about much, and her ex must know about them.  She told him that she had already distanced herself from Mel, and now that action felt vindicated somehow, so it was okay.

She and the ex went to see a bad play together and had a drink afterwards, and it was a really nice time.  She forgot how much she missed having conversations with him.  He almost never looked at his phone throughout the evening, which was very unlike him.  Maybe he was finally growing up a little.  She was happy for him, and hoped that he was feeling better than she was.

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