Monday, May 21, 2018


They spent the next two weekends together, with him spending the night and them having sex until they ran out of the condoms that she had since the last time she'd been with him. 

He was leaving soon, so she didn't attach any meaning to it.  The sex wasn't as good as before either, because she knew it wasn't based in romantic affection for her, or anything other than him being horny.

She shouldn't have started it, it was bad for her self esteem.  Luckily there was an end date to this tryst, and she almost looked forward to him moving.  She still had fun going out drinking with him, and having great conversations.  He seemed to confide things in her that he normally wouldn't to other people.

They went to the new improv show together, and she told him she would catch some shit later for it.  "Why?"

"Because all they know is you kinda broke my heart and now suddenly you are back in the picture.  Some of them aren't going to like it."

She ended up being shocked because no one really said a word about it except for Goldie a few days later, and she just said "Are you guys sh-banging again?" like there was no possible way they could be in a relationship again.

Had she ever even been in a real relationship?  It certainly didn't feel like it.

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