Monday, May 28, 2018


The first week had been emotionally and physically rough for her.  She and KSL had some tense moments, but seemed to come out of it okay.

Many issues popped up that she had forgotten she had a problem with.  She fell asleep the second night and woke up in the middle of a panic attack because he had closed her door.  Claustrophobia was something she always forgot she had until it happened.

The little problems with the apartment had added up so much that it was almost comical.  They couldn't put anything under their bathroom sinks because of water damage.  Light switches and outlets didn't work.  Once the washer/dryer units were delivered, they were just big enough that the door to the laundry room didn't close.  The shelves in the kitchen were made of particle board, so they needed to buy contact paper.

In the meantime, things couldn't be put away until issues were fixed, so items remained out, causing her anxiety.  Everything was circumstantial, and as she promised him, there was going to be a big period of adjustment for her.

"You are really quirky, you get that right?" Goldie had said to her.  She knew, but that didn't make it any easier.  She was also dealing with an intense amount of brain fog.  The move had indeed knocked her entire body out of wack.  She held it together during the day, since she didn't have much of a choice as work was one of the busiest weeks of the year.  As she drove home each day she was out of energy to do anything at all.  She was jealous that KSL had been able to take the week off, and he could take his time getting everything settled.

She learned to sleep with the door closed within 2 nights.  She tried to keep to herself, suppress almost everything about her, trying not to intrude.  He still pointed out all her quirks making her self conscious.  He was matter of fact when he did it, not intending to hurt her.  In fact, he was being really great with her.  She knew he had the ability to cut her quickly and deeply, and he didn't.

They were both trying really hard.

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