Friday, May 4, 2018

Skin Hunger

Piz followed her closely and went to check out her view.  She stood by the couch and took off her sweater.  She went to take a step towards him and realized that was what she had done the last time.  She only had to wait a few seconds before he turned around and walked to her.

After the disappointing night with Mel, she appreciated how much he took his time just kissing her, touching her, not just ripping her clothes off.  His touch continued to be addictive, and she was lost in it.

The sex was fantastic, as usual...but there was something missing.  It was like having one of the greatest hamburgers of her life, but someone had forgotten the ketchup.  Though he lavished her with attention, it no longer held the emotional impact it once did.  He said he wanted to make her orgasm, but wasn't doing the things he needed to do for her to get there.  She didn't return the favor, seeing as how she was sure he had unprotected sex with his ex and she was having sex with him.

4 condoms and half the night later, they were spent.  He pulled her under the covers and snuggled up to her.  The way he held her was still unparalleled.  She felt good, safe.  He must be uncomfortable but still he held her to him.

At some point during the night she got up to get some water, came back and he didn't immediately reach out for her.  She realized with some finality that this was it.  Even though he was giving her forehead kisses in his sleep, waking up to make out with her, and looking deep into her eyes before wishing her sweet meant nothing.

They woke up early due to the sunrise streaming into her high rise, illuminating the few boxes she had scattered around her space.  He kissed her good morning and put his hand lovingly on her face, then through her hair.  "Was your hair this long when we were together?  It's so great."

Though it was early, they easily launched into a serious discussion about the friend situation waiting for him back home.  His friend was going through a really rough time and having a drinking problem, as was his other friend/future roommate.

"Maybe you guys need to do a dry summer.  Or get a hobby.  Something to look forward to." She advised.  He agreed that a break from drinking would be good, considering he felt like he had a small hangover from his 4 drinks last night.

He went to take a shower, and she remembered that she had been texting KSL about the whole ordeal.  She grabbed her phone and read the last few messages they'd exchanged.

"Look up 'skin hunger.'  It's a thing.  Perhaps it's been too long since you've fed your body."

It had been just a few days shy of a year and five months since she'd last had sex.  She guessed that played into it, along with booze last night.

Although it was 7 in the morning, she texted him again.  "I can't get attached to any of it.  I know he isn't interested in anything, he's leaving in 3 weeks.  I can't connect.  It's just...there."

"Well yeah, that's why being a demisexual sucks." he texted back.

Piz got out of the shower and said he should go to the university to work on this paper a little bit.  He gave her a hug and asked if she had fun last night.  The question hit her as absurd and she stuttered a bit, saying "yeah, but...I are leaving in 3 weeks."  He seemed a little hurt and upset, and she couldn't quite read his emotions.  She told him it was fine, she just needed to sort stuff out in her head.  She offered up her apartment a couple of times a week for him to have a place to sleep.  His eyebrows went up and she said "Not for sex, you used up all my condoms last night anyway, just in general."

"I would just feel like I'm imposing Penny, I don't know."

"If you were bugging me you'd be gone.  You know that right?"

"Okay...I'll think about it."

And she would be sure to overthink about it all.

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