Wednesday, May 30, 2018

BFF Wedding

The day of BFF's wedding had finally come.

She had been dreading it for weeks.  If this wedding had come even a year later, she most likely would not have been invited.  They were in a weird place where BFF most likely thought that she had to invite her, and she thought she had to come.  Neither of them were adult enough to just admit that and not make it awkward for everyone involved.

JJ was supposed to be her date, but he bailed at the last minute, much like he had with being a moving buddy.  KSL had turned his nose up at being a "plus one" and Mel had to work and would have only been able to duck in and out for the ceremony.

She decided to take her mother, which everyone else saw as sweet but she saw as pathetic.  Dealing with the bad driving all the way up the mountain to the wedding site was whiplash worthy, and she relinquished control only when realizing she was going to have to parallel park.

The ceremony was sweet, but she still had this weird feeling that she shouldn't have been there at all.  Just being a regular guest hurt her heart.  She hadn't been asked to help or contribute, but it seems that SD seemed to be running the whole wedding.  They had been friends for a long time, sure, but it started to really sink in as the night wore on that she'd lost her best friend and been invited to the wedding.

Not that BFF's groom was bad, in fact she had come to like him far more than BFF.  She really enjoyed that he was supportive of everyone around him, and had a dark snarky quality that they shared.

Everyone was taking the mic and doing toasts, and she suddenly had the urge to go up there.  She got emotional and knew there was no way she was going to be able to hold it together, so she held off.

Just before she left she approached them and told them she wasn't a people person, so she was going to toast them face to face now.

"When BFF and I first met, it was because she was a mutual friend of someone else's and I needed to check her out because I wanted to make sure she was good enough for him.  Then we met and I told her she wasn't good enough for him.  Then you came along, and I had to check to make sure you were good enough for her.  And you are."

She got choked up, hugged them both, and left without saying goodbye to anyone.

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