Friday, May 25, 2018

Goodbye Art Pop Studio

"Breathe" KSL reminded her throughout the day.

She couldn't.  She just needed to get through the day.  Her ex was helping for a bit, she didn't want to waste his time, and the truck rental had sprung it on her that she actually had to have the truck back by 5pm or else she would get charged for an overnight.

The amount of money she was spending on this move was piling up and she was starting to panic about her finances.

She and KSL's styles on how to move were wildly different, and she tried her best to go with the flow of everything throughout the day, even though that's not who she was.  She felt a huge sense of relief when PJ showed up for a little while to help them with the last of KSL's stuff, ensuring that she would get the truck back in time.

As they walked along the path from the apartment to get things out of her car, PJ commented on the random toys children of the complex had left lying around.

"Every time I see a child's toy just laying around, I want to pick it up, and toss it in the dumpster.  Every time."

She giggled and loved how on the same dark page they were.  "I actually threw away one of the darts earlier."

They got the truck back on time, and chatted with the employee as he checked them out.  He had greeted them with a "Happy Mother's Day" which perplexed her.  Did she really look that pregnant? KSL later blamed it on his balding head in addition to her apparent advanced age.

They grabbed vodka, ice, and mixers to enjoy in the new apartment.  Her body was already starting to break down from too much activity on a non-working thyroid.  She guessed it was going to get worse before it got better, but so far she was just too much in pain to sleep.

KSL invited her to watch a movie since he had set up the TV in his room already.  "Make yourself at home" he said, gesturing vaguely.

"I am home." She said.  As stressful as the day had been, they had gotten through it together.  All their things were under this roof.

"That was kind of sweet" he replied.

She settled poorly into his love sac, and he crawled into his bed.

They turned on a stand up special, but after a bit the day started to wear down on her, along with the booze.  He asked her if she was falling asleep several times, thus keeping her from drifting off too much.  He continued to keep her from drifting off, until suddenly she heard him snoring.  The TV was glowing on the menu screen; they must have both fallen asleep.

She quietly clamored out of the love sac, turned off his TV and light, and crawled into her own bed for some fitful sleep.  She was starting one of the busiest work weeks of the year the next day, and she couldn't afford to be out of it.

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