Monday, April 24, 2017

A Hard Day's Night

Goldie picked her up after work and they went over to the hotel to set up the booth for the event on the weekend.  Goldie had employed several volunteers to help them load stuff in; a couple that had been together for 14 years, and a young filmmaker she'd met in passing at a festival.  She barely remembered him, but when Goldie asked if they had met he said yes a little too quickly.

The load in was brutal and tiring, but amongst the talk the filmmaker said that he would take the spare TV she had in her apartment. He had plans later that night however, so when they were saying goodbye outside of the car she told him to friend request her on Facebook and they'd make plans later for him to take it.

As soon as she got back in the car Goldie said "He's totally into you, but he's really young."

"Obviously, way too young to fuck with for sure.  That's flattering though!"

It was the only confidence boost she'd had in awhile.  She decided to take it.

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