Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another Night, Another Dream

"The non-dates are weird.  But I'm sort of okay with it." She explained to Goldie. 

"Respectable guys that are looking for a relationship will wait until the 4th date.  He'll kiss you on the next date.  You just have to go in for that hug where you stay in the hug but pull your face back to look at him.  He'll go for it."  She had no idea where Goldie picked these things up.  She was about to remind her that the Disney Friends With Benefits thing didn't exist, then she remembered her first kiss on the cheek from KSL that she over thought about.  That was pretty much exactly how that kiss had gone down, so maybe she was onto something.

"And how is everything with KSL going?" Goldie asked.  "It's great," she explained.  "We are just being friends ever since New Years, and it's been great.  He's there for me, he's a great friend.  We are doing really well."

As if his ears were burning, his text tone came through her phone.  They had made plans for hanging out later that night and he was on his way over.  She said goodbye to Goldie and headed downstairs to her studio.

They spent the evening watching videos on YouTube on his phone, talking and joking like old times.  She again asked him if it really was okay if he took care of her during her surgery.  He again said it wasn't a problem, he was happy to do it.

She told him about the fight she and MG had about her and KSL's friendship.  "She really wants to think that you are being mean and abusive, and I keep telling her that you and are good, we are in a really good place."

"We are," KSL said.  "I've been trying really hard to keep it good like this."

Her heart twisted slightly.  "You've been...trying?  It's been hard?"

He was silent, realizing his mistake.  "I...those were the wrong words."


Her head swam.  Was he "trying" to keep it platonic when he actually wanted to just ditch the friendship and had sex with her?  Was he trying to keep it friendly instead of romantic?  What was hard about it?

His ego never really recovered from it, and soon after he stood up to leave.  She stood up with him to walk him out, saying "can't make it harder for you than it already is right?"  He shook his head and pulled her in for a long hug.  It was warm, nice.  "Okay?" He said after he pulled away.

"What, you think a long hug will make me forget everything?" She smirked.  He reached out and booped her nose, and she grabbed him and they wrestled for a short time before he threw her on the bed and made a break for the front door.  She chased after him and smacked him on the ass, stopping him cold.  He turned around and stated the obvious.  She smirked and then booped him on the nose. 

He faked being offended as long as he could before a smile broke out on his face.  She let her face fall a little and asked him softly "Is it hard to be my friend?"

He frowned and said "No, not at all." and pulled her in for another hug.  He pulled away just enough to swoop down and give her a kiss on the forehead.

"Hey now..." she said to him.  He pulled out of the hug and walked to the elevator, promising to say when he was home safe. 

"Home" came the simple text reply.  She said "Thank you.  Tonight was good, we should do it again soon.  Want to split those vitamins I'm going to pick up Saturday?"

"I'd be down."

She sent him a thumbs up, assuming the end of the conversation.  Three minutes later he texted again.


"Goodnight" she responded.

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