Thursday, January 26, 2017

When it Rains, it Floods

The river was rising fast.  Rocks she could see that morning were now being covered by the ever increasing current.  She was afraid to go and afraid to stay in her she took the coward's way out and stayed.  Up on the higher floors she might be trapped, but nothing would be damaged.

The city was in chaos, everyone coming down to the river to watch it rush by, throwing pictures up on social media at alarming rates.  KSL had a rehearsal down by the river, and did some live video right at the base of her apartment...but he never texted her or offered to let her stay with him.  In fact, only PJ had made an offer for her to stay.  Not even BFF had offered her spare room.

She was feeling despondent.  Her job was in serious jeopardy, she could be laid off any day now.  She had her tonsillectomy scheduled for February, and she just hoped that her health insurance would hold out until then.  She was applying everywhere and getting nothing back.

She remembered a saying about how there are only three things in life that make up happiness: Career, Love, and Health...and you could never have all three at the same time.  One was always missing.

This time, she felt all three were missing.

She had gone on three dates, and all had deleted their profiles after dating her.  What was wrong with them?  What was wrong with her?

Right before she had gotten serious with Piz, she went on a single date with a guy she hit it off with right away.  She had taken to calling him The Pilot, since he owned his own planes and worked with drones.  They went out for AYCE sushi and hit it off right away, as friends.  He had sort of fallen off the face of the earth until texting her a Happy New Year, and the conversation had continued from there.

She asked him if their date had been bad, or if there was something that she was doing wrong.  He told her no, that he had a great time and she was one of the most normal, yet not boring people he's ever been out with.  And he had gone on a lot of bad dates.

It made her feel a little better, as she stood on the balcony and watched them clear the debris from under the bridge as the flood raged on.  Goldie did a live stream and she and Super Director provided some commentary.

In the end, nothing close to them got to the point of flooding, and all was okay.  She still went to bed wishing something would go right for her.

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