Tuesday, January 3, 2017

High School Dating

"Well I would take you right now if you wanted.  But almost all the seats at IMAX are sold out.  I just checked."

Nothing like a last minute invite to the new Star Wars movie to warm a girl's heart.

"Well if you want to wait for Rogue One until Thursday I could treat you to that.  Or we could pretend we're in high school again and do some mini golf somewhere.  I think that could be a good laugh.  The movie is gonna be us staring at a movie screen with me wishing I could kiss you.  Or mini golf is where I attempt to make a fool of myself at flirting with you.  You may choose your awkwardness."

She actually got this guy's name before accepting a "High School themed date" with him.  He had already seen the movie, and she hadn't been mini golfing in a long time.  He made jokes about "helping" her with her golf swing, and said it was a good way to "feel each other out" and they already passed the sarcasm test.

As it turned out, he didn't pass the "in person" test.  He was painfully shy and barely spoke to her throughout the whole course.  She tried to start conversations, and though he was friendly, he didn't exactly hold up his end.  As they were heading back she motioned to the go karts and said that she'd always wanted to try the fast ones.  He offered to buy them a race, and she said it was too expensive.

"I don't mind, it's no big deal.  Let's do a race."

He walked her through getting a fresh "head sock" and picking out a helmet.  She tried on a medium, and as soon as her head was in she started to panic and ripped it off.  She always managed to forget about her claustrophobia until this kind of situation presented itself.

"We don't have to do this." He said, after she had explained her issue.

"No, no...it'll pass.  I'm good."

"Go for the larger helmet."

She did, and he buckled the chin strap for her, but she was still freaking out a little bit.  She put her glasses on through the eye shield and got strapped into the kart that could go 45 miles per hour.  It was about halfway though when she finally got the hang of it and started whipping around corners and having fun.  The wind coupled with the face that she couldn't breathe through her nose left her with a terrible sore throat.

"So what now?" He asked as they walked out into the cold.

She was sort of done with carrying on a one sided conversation, so she said she had some Christmas presents to deliver and made her exit.

"Sure, I get it...I mean, it's the season." He said, slightly dejected.

"Yeah.  I had fun though, I know it doesn't sound like it because my throat is wrecked, but it was fun!"


A day later he had deleted his online dating profile.

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