Sunday, December 6, 2015


BW said to her "Do you really enjoy going to Yoga with TM teaching it?"

She replied, "TM runs a really good program.  He's a little too Uber Namaste for my taste, and sometimes he doesn't explain the poses well.  He actually does Shavasana for like 10, 15 minutes at the end.  It's a little too much time sometimes, but it's my alone time so I'm good."

Even though she was driving, she could feel the sarcastic eyebrow raise coming from BW.  "The only time you are alone is in a room full of people doing yoga?"

"I live with three other people and two cats, one of which has an attachment problem.  Someone is always home, always wanting something from me, or I’m putting pressure on myself to find a job or always be doing something else.   During Shavasana it’s like that scene from Hit and Run…I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Later she wondered what exactly Shavasana meant, and looked it up.  Literally translated, it is “corpse pose.”

Turns out the only happy time she had when she was playing dead.

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