Saturday, December 19, 2015

Anna Karenina in 2015

The 2012 version of Anna Karenina had found it's way to Netflix streaming.  She felt like it was a piece of art, with everything taking place on the stage and in the audience.  She loved the ballet of the movement and the odd society ways that society thinks they've outgrown.

The line that really sticks is when someone is asked if they will call on Anna after the scandal becomes public, stating it wasn't like she broke the law.  The lady replies "I'd call on her if she'd only broken the law.  But she broke the rules."

There was a girl...a woman actually, only a year younger than herself.  She had gone to LA and changed her name, gotten a few acting gigs, but then decided to come back home.  She started her own local theatre company, and rented out other spaces to do her performances. 

The thing was, she almost always casts herself as the lead and her boyfriend as the male lead.  As it was her theatre company, that was her prerogative. However everyone in the community seemed to hate her for it.  The BFF especially didn't like her.  Was it because she was successful and knew how to market herself?  "She really knows how to self-promote" BW said about her with a tiny bit of disdain.  She was talked about this way in the community. 

She was successful, but people were resentful.  Why?  Because she was doing what they couldn't accomplish?  She could sell out every show and do good PR work, but the entire community looked at her as if she was Anna Karenina.  They spoke about her behind her back although she had done nothing but get what she wanted in life.  Well, Anna cheated on her husband so it's not a perfect comparison.  She was still being treated as if she had done something horrible.

Society likes to think they have evolved since 1877, but the similarities are very strong.

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