Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Cleaning out the storage unit was a job she decided to give herself to distract from the fact that she was seemingly unemployable. She'd taken two trips to the donation place, combined several boxes together, and overall gotten rid of lots of things. 

As it got too cold to continue inside the storage unit, she realized she was separating the boxes into his stuff and her stuff.  She only realized that when she came across a candle her mom had given them for their wedding.  It was two figures that melded into one.  They were supposed to light it to remind them that they were becoming one, on their wedding day.  Somehow it had gotten left behind on the way to the wedding, and they had never actually burned it. 

She walked it over to the car to donate, then stopped about a foot short and looked at it.  There wasn't much left from the wedding, even their album had become wrecked after their best man's death.  Her husband had ripped off the photo with him in it to scan, then never returned it to it's place.  It had gotten lost in her mother's hoarder house, possibly never to be seen again.

She walked the candle back to the box, then decided there was nothing to do with an old candle that she clearly wasn't going to burn.  She walked back to the car, again coming short.  Her logical brain couldn't find a reason to keep this candle.  Even her emotions couldn't find a reason right now...yet in the end she returned it back to the original box.

It was a "His" box.

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