Friday, December 11, 2015

Heart Iced Over

" blog, that no one reads."  She finished up her sentence, something that was important to her.

"If you wrote a blog about smoking herb, I'd read it."  He replied.

It kicked her right in-between the gut.  She knew he didn't mean it as badly as it came out, but how she took it was "Write about something I'm interested in, and I might read it."  Wouldn't you want to support your friends, read whatever they wrote about?  She read his entire blog without him having to ask her.

He proceeded to get completely baked and become a vegetable the rest of the night, further upsetting her.  It was as if he didn't realize that when he smoked he became...a real drag.  Literally and Figuratively.

Maybe she was being too sensitive.  Maybe it was just because of how she was raised, but she felt his behavior was disrespectful.  The best he could offer was his friendship, and they didn't see each other that often any more.  So when it was just his body that was present instead of his was insulting.  It hurt her feelings.  She wasn't good enough to be present for.  Maybe for anyone.

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