Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Altered States

Was she being overly sensitive?  A question she asks herself more often than not after finding out that she was a HSP.  After the slight at her blog last week, then him smoking himself into oblivion again last night, she felt that there was something going on with him. 

The thought started as her being completely selfish. Why would he want to smoke into a stuper instead of actually hanging out with her and the BFF?  It's like they weren't enough, like he didn't trust himself to be himself anymore.  Which is what lead to the thought that maybe he was just unhappy. 

Just as she was thinking of this she got a text from him.  She took it as a sign and asked him if anything was wrong, as he seemed distracted and preoccupied. He texted back "I'm fine.  I'm just trying to plan the trip I'm going on with my buddy from New York.  Everything is fine.  Trying to maintain that balance between involvement and free time as usual.  Thank you for asking though. :-)"

"Let me know if there is anything I can do." She responded.  That was basically all she could do.

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