Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year in Review

"Wait, you haven't had sex at all this year?" IL asked her over lunch one day.  She was genuinely shocked.  "With all the boys you had this year?"

She thought about it and realized she did have a dick-filled year for not getting any.  She'd spent the early morning hours of 2017 having tons of sex with KSL.  Things had gotten more serious with Nameless before dropping off.  She'd filed for divorce and in attempting a no-strings attached make out session with JJ and ended up in a sexless relationship with Mel.  There was even that hot moment where she almost agreed to a threesome with JJ and Mel, but ultimately decided she was "too tired."

It's funny that throwing out a tiny stipulation about getting an STD test before having sex will make your actual sex life come to a screeching halt.

But she had started her new job too, which still felt new despite being there a whole year.  Having a whole week off of it had been rejuvenating, but she was ready to get back to the grind of her life.

As she waited for the countdown, she had a mini panic attack.  She was officially getting into "too old" status.  Too old to procreate, even though she wasn't sure she even wanted to.  Too old to seriously get into a relationship.  She was very soon going to be of an age where nothing was appropriate anymore.

She tried to stifle the thoughts, as they just came with spending a New Years Eve alone.  There was something about starting a year alone that was profoundly depressing.  A friend had texted her that the crappier the NYE party, the better the year was.  She guessed this was the year to put that theory to the test.

Happy New Year

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