Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Blue Christmas

"What are you doing for Christmas?"  The Ex texted.

"Hopefully sleeping the whole day." She replied.  23 days of working in a row, and she was done with all people and things.

He wanted to hang, make empanadas and watch movies.

She'd gone too far, being in a show with him.  He'd gotten too close with her.  She'd given him hope instead of getting her best friend back.  Feeling more alone than before, she encouraged him to spend time with his ailing father instead.  They only had so many Christmases left together.

Christmas Eve she was getting all kinds of things done...balancing checkbooks, working on her and Dusky's project...and her phone let out the generic text tone.

It was Theo.  "Hope you are having a good holiday."

He was baiting her.  She should be strong and ignore it, the way that she ignored his Facebook message and his Instagram message.  She'd blocked him from seeing her FB feed, and un-followed him on both platforms.  Still, he persevered.

It was Christmas, she was really enjoying her alone time.  But he had gotten to her, made her annoyed.  "I'm still Jewish Theo."

"Doesn't mean you can't enjoy the holiday, lol"

He was so desperately ignorant.  She wanted to ask him how he enjoyed his Chinese New Year, because even though he didn't celebrate doesn't mean he shouldn't enjoy his Chinese New Year.  She knew it was time to stop responding.

"How's it going?" He texted 20 minutes later.  She continued to ignore him, and hoped he would release her in the new year.

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