Monday, February 29, 2016

Ascent and Descent

"It's me.  You got me in trouble." Favorite Mistake said.  2 hours after getting her text, he called her from his office line.  She never picked up a random number, literally never.  She hated talking on the phone and unknown people on the phone was 10 times worse.  Still, her gut saw that it was in the area where they had met, and she answered the phone.

The Facebook message that she sent to his wife had gotten to her.  She lost her mind when she found out, and they had gotten into a huge fight.  He had never gotten her email, his spam folder must have gotten it trapped.  She said "I'd apologize for getting you in trouble...the thing is, I'm not sorry.  You stopped talking to all your friends and we all had a bet going if she had already ax murdered you."

His co-worker, who was out sick that day, was his only friend in the world.  He went to work, came home, watched TV, and went to sleep.  She asked him if he was happy, did this life make him happy?  He couldn't say yes.  He felt very alone, isolated.  He was looking forward to the birth of his child because it was going to be a little girl he could spoil with Disney movies.  Disney was what they first bonded over, and she was happy that he would share his love with his offspring.  She was still a little upset that he had gotten himself into this situation.

"If you were me, what would you do?" He asked her.  She had a shot of deja vu as she recounted the other girls he broke up with because she had said they were trash.  Her answer this time would be different.

"I wouldn't have knocked her up."

She confessed to him about her marital woes, and he asked her if there were any positive qualities about her husband left.  She said that she was sure there were, but she couldn't see them at the moment.  He sighed and said "Marriage isn't easy."

That sigh felt like a small little lift of depression from her life.  Like when you take off fake eyelashes after a long day; you forgot how much they were weighing on you until they were gone.  Talking to him had given her a better sense of self worth, she felt lighter and more confident.

It had been such a rough time for her as of late, she realized she needed to talk to him to remind herself of who she used to be.  She needed to hold onto that and be strong for a little while longer.

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