Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Walks of Art

Drinks at a bar before the restaurant opened.  Dinner at her favorite ramen house.  A half an hour at a youth poetry slam with current students from her old high school.  A show where neither of them had a job to do but be audience members.  A gallery opening.  Spending time with each other talking about everything that matter to them at the time.  A hilarious late night drive through for food for him and desert for her.  He had even offered to drive a majority of the time.

Had they been romantically involved, it would have been a hell of an epic date.  As it was, it was a great and fun night out between friends.  It was nice that they didn't have to worry about their significant others being jealous, that time was behind them.  In fact, it had been his girlfriend that said they should go to the ramen place.  Everything felt pretty settled in their friendship, and she felt comfortable moving along with it being the same way, this way, for a long time.  She knew the dynamic would shift a bit after this show was over, but she had a feeling they would still make time for each other.

He had asked her at the end of the night what her favorite moment was.  All of it was great, but she had enjoyed the deep conversation with dinner.  Blurred a bit by the mojitos, it was great to have someone that made her think and question without making it feel like her feelings were invalid.  He understood her in a way that no one else had.  That didn't make him the most important person in her life, but it certainly brought him up the list quite a bit.  She was lucky to have him as a friend, and wished she could think of something to do for him.

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