Friday, September 4, 2015

The Ring

She had never subscribed to the thought that if you forget your ring at home then something is wrong in the marriage.  Sometimes you are in a hurry and just don't get a chance to put it on that day.

However, her husband had lost his.  Less than a year into their 10th anniversary rings, his was gone.  She had bought their first ones, days before the wedding.  They had both let that bit of wedding list fall to the wayside, and ended up with a three ring set that cost $500 from a department store. 

When it came to buying their 10th anniversary rings, he was supposed to pick up the tab since she had gotten the last one.  That didn't happen.  He had to pay for something else and she shelled out the money for the rings.  About 8 months later, he had lost his ring.  It hurt worse than the 10 years when he complained that the first ring hurt him.

She slowly stopped wearing her ring.  It might have been on purpose, and meant something.

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