Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rage Monster

"So, what was with that temper tantrum he threw the other day?" The 22 year old asked about the 38 year old.

She took a deep breath and tried to figure out how to answer.  It was hard to explain how PJ had reacted, even though out of anyone else on the planet she could explain it.

"He...just really hates being late.  He was...I have to talk to him about it, it wasn't okay how he reacted."

His new job had kept him late, and he was late to rehearsal.  It was not that big of a deal, but he was an INFJ.  Being late is something that really alters their perception on life and it affects them horribly.  Apparently the way it changed him was he threw fits.

He had walked in apologizing, clearly angry at his job.  He walked across the stage and threw his backpack down with a loud thud.  It was so loud that everyone in the room simultaneously reacted verbally, yelling "Woah!" or "Hey!" and "Are you okay?" and he continued to respond in anger.  He just wanted to get on with it, not wanting to take a moment to get himself together as the director suggested.  They launched into the scene, but it wasn't funny as it had been before he arrived.  It was a dark comedy, but it was more comedy than dark.  It became more dark as he came late the next day.

He even showed up angry to a restaurant as they all went to dinner before the bargain movie night that had become their staple.  He showed up "with a headache" and rebuffed any help anyone offered him.  She reminded herself that night to take people's help and stop being so stubborn.

"You need to talk to him about it?  Like, as the stage manager?"  The 22 year old actor asked as he sipped his whiskey at the bar after rehearsal.

"I need to tell him as a friend.  Not as the stage manager.  He doesn't realize how he is effecting others.  Once he knows, he'll be better at it."

She hoped to god she was right.

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