Friday, September 11, 2015

Ben Nye The Makeup Guy

Who sends emails anymore?  Her director apparently.  At 9:00 AM on "Makeup Rehearsal" she had emailed to say that no one had ordered the makeup, so it was going to have to wait.

She had never done a literal face palm before, but she did one now.  The director was basically giving up, saying they would rehearse other things that night.  She was giving up on her show, because basically not everyone was available together again until tech week.  First time directors were NOT her cup of tea.

A skipped lunch and several phone calls later, and both the chorography was set and the makeup delivered.  She wouldn't get reimbursed for the makeup for awhile, but it was worth it to save the entire show.  She knew she wouldn't get the credit she deserved for saving the day, but she wasn't really doing it for the credit.

What would they do without her?  Roll up the show and go home I guess.

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