Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The crush had disappeared on her way to work one day when she realized she didn't think about him as she sailed under his street.  That KD Lang "Constant Craving" was over.  But she still had that odd disdain for his new relationship.  Eventually she would come around to being happy for them, but for now she rolled her eyes every time their schmoopy couple photos got set as a default on their pages.  It was her birthday today, and he posted not just once but twice on her Facebook wall, with multiple photos.  Ugh.

They had grown apart, but after a day-long panic attack that rattled her body, it was only his hug at rehearsal that made her calm down.  A few minutes after she felt that release of nervous anxiety, and took her first deep breath since 9 AM that morning.

They had made plans to hang with each other on their one day off this week.  She was looking forward to it even though she knew their friendship would never be the same.  She mostly looked forward to the calm she could feel having alone time with him.

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