Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Merry Christmas Indeed

They say that once a company culture talks about being a family, it's time to get out.  They want you to get comfortable so they can take advance of you the way a family member would.

A sad thing to think about in regards to both work and family.  Neither are easy, but you can't live without either one.

But wouldn't it be nice to try?

She'd felt uneasy ever since KSL had texted her that he didn't need a ride home from work that day.  He texted it pretty early on in the day, but since she was up to her ears in work she didn't give it too much thought until she walked in the door and found KSL sitting on the couch, not on his regular side.

"Good news, you don't have to drive me to work tomorrow!"

Her eyes narrowed and her heart dropped.  "Why?"

"Or the next day."


"Or, ever."

"KSL, why?"

As she suspected, his job had decided to pursue other interests besides him.  He could have very easily been stoned, drunk, freaking out, or all three at once.  However he seemed pretty calm and collected for what had just happened to him.

He told her not to worry, that he had gotten an incredibly decent severance package and a pretty solid approval from unemployment when he filed, as others in the company usually got it without a problem.

Her heart ached for him.  He was already going through a depression because his ex had felt the need to tell him she was "seeing" someone else, but that it wasn't serious.  He didn't deserve to lose basically everything.

Merry Christmas Indeed.

"You are taking this all really well." He said to her, possibly projecting.

Of course she was taking it well.  It was her second rodeo after all.  She had gone through her own unemployment, and had gone through being the only person earning money in the house.

He told her not to worry, possibly thinking about her ex and how she had to do nothing but worry.  She would try her best not to, but she was already mentally canceling orders and trying to figure out how to do Christmas on a much smaller budget.

It was a very, very easy mentality to slip back into.

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