Friday, May 26, 2017

Road to Recovery

"Men want to be needed...and they want to be left the hell alone too." PJ said to her.  It explained a lot of what they were discussing that night.

She finally felt well enough and her voice was almost back.  She was dying for a good conversation, so PJ was one of the first people she texted.  He was at the end of his hockey game and told her to head over and "bring something chocolate."

After a trip to 711 for some M&Ms and chocolate milk she arrived at his door.  They spent a few hours just talking about life and love, as he had just gotten engaged to AB.  It was a great conversation, much like the one that started her writing about her life again.  The kind where they could go on forever not realizing the world had changed around them.

She told him about her breakdown, about thinking that she should have stayed with her ex and how she had cried to Banana.

"You didn't tell anyone else though, right?" He asked.  She shook her head no, "not really."

"Well I'm glad you are on the other side of that.  It's hard to go through something like that alone and not come out the other side a little sad and lonely and worse for the wear.  Just like the pain in your throat, this will get better too."

She told him that it wasn't the sore throat but the referred ear pain that was currently getting her down.  He was unfamiliar with the term so she explained it to him.  She was happy to see that he found the concept as poetic as she did, and he wanted to write a poem about it.  She couldn't wait to read it.

Then he proceeded to tell her all the tips and tricks to get a toilet to stop overflowing.  At least that was one mistake she couldn't make again.

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