Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Breathless Part 2

3 hours had passed, and all she wanted to do was get out of there.  KSL was clearly uncomfortable, so she was trying to make it seem that she was okay so they could leave.  Her head was heavy and she could fall asleep right there, but she sat up and continued drinking water. 

But they still wouldn't let her leave, so they made fun of the cartoons they had on for the kids, and she sucked down as much water as she could.  She had two popsicles in hopes that it would send her home earlier.  She tried to ask if they would take her IV out, if she could go to the bathroom.  KSL helped her after telling her to "project" or "use her words" and she shot him a dirty look.  She should have expected something like that from him after not being able to speak.

Her nurse was good naturered and helped her out.  Finally it was time to go home, and the nurse was going over the medications with KSL.  She was trying to pay attention but her mind kept wandering until she heard "Happy Wife, Happy Life."


Was she assuming they were married to each other?  She looked over with laughter in her eyes at KSL.  She knew he wouldn't let it stand much longer, and the next time she mentioned it he quickly corrected her that they were just friends.

The nurse, with perfect comic timing, looked at both of them, then to her and said "Tell me the truth...he's the Uber driver isn't he?"

Her silent laugh mixed with his heartfelt laughter was a good way to end her stay.  He went to get the car and she got dressed and got into her wheelchair.

As they were taking the corners on the way out the nurse had to dig a little deeper.  "That KSL huh, what a good friend!  You could tell he cares about you.  We could all use a KSL in our life, huh?"

She was glad she wasn't facing the nurse so she couldn't see her roll her eyes.  If she only knew the extent of how crazy their friendship really was.

KSL opened the door to the car from the inside and reached back to pull out a giant bottle of water he'd bought for her.  She made the shape of a heart with her hands and signed "Thank you."  She was overwhelmed that he would do something that nice for her.

They made their way to the pharmacy.  On the way she got really sleepy, but couldn't verbalize it so she tried to rally and went inside the store.  She felt like she stood there forever before handing over her new insurance and her meds.  They said they would take about 35 minutes, and KSL suggested just going back to his place to wait it out.  Considering all she wanted to do was sleep she agreed.

They got back to his place and she snuggled up to him which he immediately rebuked.  She was too tired to be offended by it, and spent her energy trying to keep her head elevated as they watched some TV while he ate.  She gave him her drivers license and credit card, and he went back himself to get her scripts.

2 attempted naps later and he still wasn't back.  He texted they grabbed the wrong anti nausea pills, and a half an hour later he was grabbing milkshake stuff and heading back.

The mug he made the shake in was enormous, but seeing as how it was the only meal she'd have that day, she enjoyed it, as well as the movie they watched.  After it was over he decided to succumb to a nap and asked her if she wanted to do the same, where she wanted to go.  She knew that wherever she went he would go the opposite from his earlier reaction.  She indicated she didn't care and ended up on the couch.  She wasn't about to kick him out of his own bed, even if the couch was severely uncomfortable.

More uncomfortable was when his roommate came home later, though she was cordial before going into her room and closing the door.  She heard KSL's alarm go off in his bedroom, but he didn't come out.  She realized he had slept through it and went in to wake him.  She reached out to squeeze his arm, decided it was too intimate, and instead gave him a poke in the arm until he woke up.

He got ready and dropped her off at her apartment, minutes later her sister arrived to take care of her for the night.  She hadn't spent time with her sister for awhile, and it was nice to slip into the familiarity of someone bullying her into comfort as only her sister could.

Later the freshly engaged AB and PJ came by with a care package of pudding, popsicles, and mints for her.  She was overwhelmed with gratitude for her friends and their ability to care for her.

She hoped the rest of her convalescence would be just as comfortable.

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