Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Birthday Dates

"As you might or might not know, this month is my birthday.  Since a majority of you are going to be out of town or seeing shows, I decided to do something different.

Last year was really rough for me, and getting through it is mostly due to the people getting this email.  I want to continue to foster those friendships in my next year of life.

If you decide to accept this, here is the full deal: You will take me out on a date for my birthday.  It can be for an hour, a meal, a day, a whole weekend...the choice is all yours.

I know we are all busy people, so I'm going to put a deadline of the end of the year on this.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Because of my stupid thyroid condition I can't be seriously physical.  I can do short easy hikes, and anything you'd like to expose me to I will try and accomplish.
  • I love food.
  • I love drinking, especially checking out new bars.
  • That being said, new experiences are cool too.  Take me to a museum, film, whatever!
  • It can be with other people but make sure we get quality alone time amongst it.
  • Be Creative, or let's do what we always do...I just want to spend time with you.
Hope to see you on a date soon!  Regardless, I love you all and am grateful you are in my world."

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